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We Run Your RTB Activity 

& Increase Your ROI

We Create A New Revenue

Stream For Any Media Company

We Connect Your RTB Company

With Our RTB Community

We Create A Safer Environment

And Get Better Deals On RTB Tools



Connecting Our Real Time Bidding (RTB) Community with new Opportunity

As a community we aim to create safer environment and get better deals for our members Join the Community

Fraud free activity and trading with more confidence with other members who are seeking same needs. PPA will allow you to get all relevant needs to thrive in our industry, faster and smarter.

We help our members to connect in a better way, assist with

collections when needed and help to get a better yield from 

your RTB experience.

Our community consists of both private and publicly traded companies therefore we ensure the right match for your needs.

If you are looking for any service as RTB platform, Fraud tools, assistance with receivables or any other tool you are seeking for, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you

We Take Care Of Your Real Time Bidding (RTB) Activity For You A-Z

Become a VIP member of PPA and we will take care of the whole process for you in few easy steps. Leran more

If you are an existing RTB company - contact us and see how we can increase the ROI of your activity. 

If you are any media company who is seeking to add an additional revenue stream - we can do it for you in few easy steps.   Learn More



RTB Solution


What Is PPA ?

Pin Point Advertising (PPA) solutions is an RTB Community and a service provider for the RTB ecosystem

On a daily basis our team handles business relationships for our members, whether private or publicly traded we provide technological systems support, platform optimizations, and revenue scaling. Our clients rely on us to deliver hardcore impacting relationships with hundreds of companies all over the globe.

Our Vision consists of merging talent with experience, technical knowledge and organizational procedures to create a top notch, cutting edge outcome.

With over than 15 years of experience in Advertising Technologies and Business Relationships, Pin Point Advertising Solutions offers our clients fast paced scalability for their ever growing businesses, while making sure to maintain the agreed upon ROIs in a safer ecosystem which allow us to scale trading to a new level.  We offer 1 on 1 custom built strategies for each client -whether an RTB business or any other Media company who is seeking to add an extra revenue stream. Lern More

Ad Tech is a large volatile landscape, always unpredictable, ever changing, extremely fast paced and very competitive. Our Team of industry veterans is here to help to turn your business into a huge success! 

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