We Run Your RTB Activity & Increase Your ROI.

For Community members who want to take a step forward and get an automated RTB activity, PPA offers the PPA VIP PACKAGE which includes : 

1. We provide a business development service and intro you to the relevant companies based on your needs and capabilities,

whether you a small bootstrapped company or a traded public company. We will understand your needs and allow you to grow and gain the ROI you are seeking for.

2. We will assist you with your ad operations, whether you have a small team doing it, or no employees doing it at all - we offer to take over that and help you to grow it, to your companies' needs.

3. We try to build a safe ecosystem and will not recommend you working with known non paying companies. If such unfortunate case do happen we will do our best, as a community to assist you with that on the best and fastest way possible.

Basically, once we learn your needs we assist you to create a fully automated business / department ran with our assistance or fully by our team. All you have to do is to approve new partners when they join (MSA/IO/agreement) and make sure to collect your payments on time. 


As part of the PPA VIP PACKAGE you are eligible to receive assistance with your accounts receivables (AR).

Contact us to get pricing for the PPA VIP PACKAGE 

We Create A New Revenue Stream For Media Companies

If you are a media company and exploring new revenue streams - we can create your RTB activity that will fit your needs, allow you to offer added value to your end users, grow your activity and earn an extra revenue stream.

We are here for any question you have.

Contact us and tell us about your company and your needs


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